.:Major Updates:.

If you've been on the forums lately, you'll noticed that DQ almost died just a few days ago. Luckily, Rolo decided to take over leadership in Rain's departure. Rain Maker's new clan, Strike of Eternity, will be a valuable ally, that's for sure. Well, let's see what's here...

Staff Positions

Rolo is now the head admin (duh), with me (NFreak) and Scruffy to back him up. Mods and other staff are still undecided as of now, but we're working on that. I'll probably be doing most of the news updates. Expect to see some major forum and site changes in the meantime.

Forum and Site Updates

The forums definitely need some upgrading. That's for sure. With Brawl just around the corner, some major reconstruction is needed. The site? May stay the same, but there's also the chance of a new site with a real domain name. I might be able to pay for it myself, but we (the staff) are still discussing this.


Rolo's had an advertisement plan in his head for a while now, and we're finally gonna carry it out. Also, if any of you are willing to help, I can easily throw together an advertisement video. I'm getting Brawl on day 1, so there's footage of that available. Diamond/Pearl/PBR, MPH (still active elsewhere, we might bring it back), Medal of Honor, and other games are also popular, so we just need clips of all of these.

New Allies

Elite Force of 4 (EF4) and Strike of Eternity (when it's completed and ready for action) are going to be our newest allies. (Well, not 100% sure on EF4 yet, but it's likely). Elite Purge is still an ally. We're also gonna sort through our affiliates and see which ones are still active. The inactive ones will be removed, and the active ones that forgot us will be reminded and possibly removed.

Well, that's all we have for now. Expect more news updates soon. Let's keep DQ alive.